Although this journey feels like it has just began, the BANC Handcrafted story truly began somewhere around 2006 when I poked my little face into my Grandpère's quite wondrous workshop. Since then, there has been a tentatively-explored dream to make and to craft which was more fully realised in 2015 when I tried my hand at light-making and instead tripped the house electricity. 

BANC has been an expression of creativity, moments of inspiration strung together, a product of procrastination, a way to make things that can't be bought and an unexpected education. 

What began as a small furniture range, made from start to finish in my workshop, is now a growing collection of homeware pieces made from start to finish through collaboration with a carpenter, metal fabricator, brass plater, powder-coater and laser-cutter all within 15 kilometres of my home workshop. They all have names and faces and businesses and great skills and they teach me a lot about what goes into making real products for real people. 

The BANC story is still being worked out, which is fun and uncertain and challenging in almost all the best ways. 

Thanks for reading, following, watching, purchasing and encouraging. 

- Josie



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